School books available online

People who are not aware, take a look at the following link to download the state board books and prepare well.

All Tamil Nadu state board syllabus books are available for download.

All the best!!!

Bus route changed....

After clearing the vengaya mandi, TCP en routed the buses through sub-jail road and its was a great success. Public came to know the road after the traffic divert through that road.

TCP is uncovering the valuable resources that Trichy has.
TCP iron handedly cleared the encroachments in Gandhi market and made people see that road with a big space to travel where their eyebrows really go up by seeing the improvements.

Clearing Vazaikai mandi, Vengaya mandi, nellu petai, etc.

City is looking good now really.

Hats off to TCP

No parking...

A few days before, TCP (Trichy City Police) implemented the no parking rule very strictly. Now, the roads are really broad and atleast 3 buses can go simultaneously. Thanks to cops.

After this implementation, the following roads are real good and need to be seen:

1. Thillainagar
2. E.B. Road
3. Gandhi Market

and so on.

Helmet Rule in Trichy

The new police commissioner has implemented the helmet rule very very strictly. Now, its really nice to see people wearing the helmets when they go out. Though people don't like wearing it, sometimes safety must be made as a rule. Guys don't think it for safety but they'll charge Rs.50/- if the rider is not wearing the helmet. How clumsy our people are?

Trees getting cut...

Good things are happening in Trichy for widening the roads. The sad part of it is in East Boulevard Road (A broad city street, often tree-lined and landscaped), all the trees are getting cut for this widening plan. I don't know whether they'll arrange some trees to replant for the missing one. After this widening plan, the road only will have the name Boulevard(A broad city street, often tree-lined and landscaped) but without trees. If the government fails to replant the trees, then the public must take care of it.

Sippy Theatre...

Everybody in Trichy knows that their dream theatre is "Sippy". The sad news is it got closed for several years. Now, its getting a new face. People are trying to use it in a different manner. Now, a Snow Ball show is going to take place. So, they're giving a massive structure in front of the theatre, which attracts the public.
The Eastearn countries are famous for the heavy usage of cell phones. Even after several incidents, people don't try to avoid cell phones when they fill fuel for their vehicles. I saw an explicit no cell phone poster in a petrol pump, the owner & the workers keep on saying not to use it but the idiots who use it tell that its an urgent call and what to do for that boss. They also gave him an option of talking outside the compound, but the public is not realising it. Donno when they'll realise certain basic things.
Even today, people don't have brain when they celebrate. I saw people playing with fire crackers in Taj Marriage Hall, which is near a Petrol pump. This is really a risky thing to do. But still they need the enjoyment. Even the concerned department doesn't take care of it. Atleast the pump owner must have informed and made some arrangements to have their celebration on the other side of the marriage hall. This will stop only when an accident happens.

Traffic Signal

After a long time our guys have implemented Traffic signal in the Karur bye-pass road junction today. People will feel it difficult for the first time but as time goes on, they'll adopt to it.

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