Bus route changed....

After clearing the vengaya mandi, TCP en routed the buses through sub-jail road and its was a great success. Public came to know the road after the traffic divert through that road.

TCP is uncovering the valuable resources that Trichy has.
TCP iron handedly cleared the encroachments in Gandhi market and made people see that road with a big space to travel where their eyebrows really go up by seeing the improvements.

Clearing Vazaikai mandi, Vengaya mandi, nellu petai, etc.

City is looking good now really.

Hats off to TCP

No parking...

A few days before, TCP (Trichy City Police) implemented the no parking rule very strictly. Now, the roads are really broad and atleast 3 buses can go simultaneously. Thanks to cops.

After this implementation, the following roads are real good and need to be seen:

1. Thillainagar
2. E.B. Road
3. Gandhi Market

and so on.

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