Power cut in DMK period

Currently we are facing a lot of power cut in this DMK period. A lot of people are really frustrated with this condition. But, my prediction is....this is leading the society to the next level. Though politicians make some mistakes, it really helps the public in a different way. Now, due to this drastic power cut....people are looking for alternatives like Invertors.

In Trichy a lot of houses are now implemented with the Invertors. People are busy installing the instrument in their home. This is the first step for the next level of move with the society. It should result in implementing Wind wheels & Solar energy for each and every house in the near future.

This situation leads people who are in the field of Wind wheels & Solar to make a low cost instrument which will suit the normal people and make it affordable to buy and implement it.

I'm happy that even in this situation that our society is going to move to the next level.

Jai Hind.

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