Power cut in DMK period

Currently we are facing a lot of power cut in this DMK period. A lot of people are really frustrated with this condition. But, my prediction is....this is leading the society to the next level. Though politicians make some mistakes, it really helps the public in a different way. Now, due to this drastic power cut....people are looking for alternatives like Invertors.

In Trichy a lot of houses are now implemented with the Invertors. People are busy installing the instrument in their home. This is the first step for the next level of move with the society. It should result in implementing Wind wheels & Solar energy for each and every house in the near future.

This situation leads people who are in the field of Wind wheels & Solar to make a low cost instrument which will suit the normal people and make it affordable to buy and implement it.

I'm happy that even in this situation that our society is going to move to the next level.

Jai Hind.

Color Gels

Now, the hot cake in Trichy is color gels that are sold like mustard in a small packet. It is sold in two different prices Rs.5 & Rs.10. One is a smaller pack and the next one is a bigger pack. The smaller pack contains less color balls but the bigger pack has more color balls in it with the white gel balls. We have to drop it in a transparent vase/bottle and pour water in it. After 4-5 hours it absorbs the water and looks pretty good.

Green Sparrow

Till now green sparrow toy is very famous in Trichy. When it was introduced, it was sold at Rs.10 and after the heavy demand for it, it was raised to Rs.15 when I bought some for my friends. Whenever, it receives a vibration it starts alarming.

How to enhance?


The most critical curve in Trichy is in Karur road, which will come before Kambarasanpetai. In the curve the grass grows like anything and it covers the view of the turning.

So I'm planning to get some permission from the NH and with the local officials to cut the unwanted grass, which will reduce a lot of accidents in that area.

One of my college mate Mr. Ramanathan(+91-99400-40395) is also trying to implement some good ideas in Trichy and he's interested in cleanliness.

Anybody interested can provide me some information about whom to contact and how to proceed with the work.

Amarnath N.

Malaikottai Nanbargal

Trichy Folks,

I thought of creating this blog to bring the happenings & improvements to the best city Trichy. Hope our Trichy guys will contribute their ideas.

Latest Happenings:

Video cameras were installed in NSB road and also in Chattram Bustand. Cops really do a good work in regulating the traffic and giving constant advise to the people to keep their things, children safe.

Their way of handling the public is really funny in the peak hours. It's really a good entertainment if you keep walking in the NSB road between 6-9 in the evening. The way cops comment is really good.

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