Inherit the wind - Rathna Stores Firm

This is the season for Ramzan and Pillayar Chathurthi. Advertisement for all shops are good to make their revenue better.

A joker in this busy city - Rathna Stores Firm...had set speakers all round the chinna kadai street & Teppakullam for their advertisement being played continuously trying to break the crowd from the Legend (Mangal & Mangal).

In the advertisement....they also announce for public safety saying that there will be thieves, pick-pocketers, cheaters everywhere. Poor Rathna Stores're in Trichy and the above mentioned will be very very less compared to your Chennai crowd. Act smart according to where your branch is located. This is a contented and peaceful city where you no need to worry about the above mentioned things.
DMK government is losing its hope on people as they saw the crowd for Ms. J. Jayalalitha's meetings held in Coimbatore and Trichy.

Immediately they arranged a meeting in a week's time in the same place to show that still our government has people to support them. This clearly shows that they are really afraid of the next election. The crowd and support that was given to AIADMK meetings show clear result for the next election.

In Trichy also the meeting conducted by Ms. J. Jayalalitha was a grand success. In order to overrule the idea of the opponent party's swing in people's mind....the current government arranged a meeting and as usual a worthless topic was chosen and a statue was inaugurated. This time it was not upto their expectation even though they raise their collar saying that we've won.

In tamil there is a saying that "Pottiku Pulla Pekkurathu". This saying is proven by DMK government and its really childish.

Wake're one of the experienced parties in this country and don't play silly games with AIADMK and make yourself cheap in front of them.

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