Thillainagar Drianage System

The Trichy corporation can do something on the drainage system in Thillai Nagar. All drainage in the every cross overflows.

My suggestion is they can arrange for the septic tank cleaning trucks to suck the drainage water and pour it somewhere they dump the others or pour it in the under ground drainage near it which is free. This will make the area clean and tidy. Mainly diseases and mosquitos can be avoided during the rainy season.

Thillai Nagar is not only famous for mosquitos but also for clinics & hospitals also.

If the corporation fails atleast the people who live there should take some actions to clean it. Otherwise, even their meds will fail to cure the patients.

The above mentioned is a sample....there are lot of areas like this in the city where our corporation should take care of.

Hope they'll do their best.


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